Yakutian Laika

photo by erica tedesco/flickr

This breed is one of the oldest in the world, probably close to 8,000 years. It originated in the Yukatia Region of Russia where it provided transportation by pulling sleds. Yakutes were the first to use dogs for pulling sleds.  In the 1800s, this breed was used for mail delivery. The breed still has the instinct for sledding and learns this skill very quickly despite being a bit stubborn about learning other tricks. The dog does well with positive training with treats.

During the 1900s the breed almost vanished but for the will of a few enthusiastic breeders. The advent of the internet has meant that people in other countries have taken an interest and its popularity is increasing.

This dog does not take well to strangers but once it gets to know someone, it will be extremely friendly and will be devoted and affectionate. It makes a strong bond with children in the household, mainly because it likes attention and exercise and playing. It does not do well left in an apartment alone all day.

The breed has a double coat and needs a weekly brushing. It comes in a variety of colors including white, black and white, brown and white and tri-color.

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