Do dogs notice birds?

I know my dogs notice squirrels.  They certainly pay attention when there is a chipmunk in the yard!  Oh yeah.

But do they notice birds?  Well mine certainly does.  She spends long periods of time watching them fly back and forth to our feeder as if she believes if she studies them long enough, she can learn to fly.

Now there is one bird that likes to tease my dog.  And my dog has a hard time figuring out where it is, because this is one of the fastest and smallest birds in our yard.

There it is…oops… I swear it was there.Hummingbird


Streaming Video

Frank:  We have a bird feeder near the house which acts kind of like streaming video for Beans.  He can spend hours in front of the patio door watching tree sparrows and juncos come and go.  I think his brain is going to mush.  Too much screen time.


Beans:  You should take more interest in what is going on in our backyard.  Check out who came today.


Any nuts in that feeder?
Any nuts in that feeder?