Dog Training Sites

NOTE:   This page will be changing as I come across more training sites.

Frank does not make his jump

I believe my way of training is one of the best or I wouldn’t use it.  But I think it works best with dogs that are “people pleasers”, dogs like the Border Collie, the Shetland Sheepdog, the Labrador Retriever, the Golden Retriever.

See a list of dogs here

However, some dogs are like cats.  They were bred with a purpose (like getting rid of rats on boats) and they are not interested in doing tricks.  But the fact is that personality plays a big part.  For instance my dog Sinatra is much more of a “people pleaser” than my other dog, Mr. Bean.  It is like Mr. Bean thinks that the fact that he is cute should be enough for any human.  He only recently began to show a keen interest in training.  I’ve no idea what finally clicked for him—most likely the type of treats which are now very small (for his small mouth).



So what follows is a list of training sites.  I am not promoting one method over the others and these are not in any order.  Another caveat:  I have not tried them all.

Dog Training Basics

It’s Pawsible

Peggy Swagger

Dog Training Space

K9 University


Cat said it was okay to sleep on the couch as long as we laid a towel down first.

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