Should I bring my dog?

One day early this spring, I let my dogs view these buffaloes from the comfort of the back seat of our car.


The buffaloes were fairly passive as they munched away at a distance from the car, and my dogs barely showed interest.

Just last week, passing by some horses eating grass near the road, I decided to show the dogs.  Now this was much more interesting.  The horses were closer and they were moving as they ate away.

Horses eating.JPG

Some weeks ago I was at a jousting match put on by the Knights of Valour (   A real bang for my buck and pure entertainment, this was one of the best shows I have attended in some time.  In addition to the jousting, there was a juggler, a magician, an acrobat, and a story telling/comedic pirate.  The attendees consisted mostly of families. The grounds where the event was held teemed with children running and squealing.  I noticed a few dogs.

I didn’t bring my dogs because it was warm–though we found shade.  Still, my dogs are furry and I think they would have been warm even under a tree.  The dogs that were there did not seem disturbed by all the noise–especially loud during the jousting, but I think my dogs would have found it too much.  They were home in the air conditioned comfort.  They missed us, that was apparent, but they looked cool and relaxed.

I say, know your dog.   My parent’s dog tore the house apart during their absence, broke through the window screen and slid down the porch roof to the back yard.  Luckily the yard was fenced.  They could not go anywhere without him.    Having known of this unfortunate event, we began leaving our dogs home alone when they were puppies.  It’s important to begin training them to be alone early on.





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