Mayhem in Dog Class

First there was the funeral, then grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer after finally getting in to see a gerontologist.  She is getting some treatment and it seems to be helping.  Now mom is off her feet with a knee injury so maybe she’ll start paying attention to our blog.

During our absence we learned a new trick called “You are under arrest!”  where we put our front paws on the couch and the policewoman frisks us.  Dad thinks it’s hilarious especially when little Bean does it.

To date we know at least 15 tricks.  But, when we first started our schooling, Bean hated learning.  Several times he refused to go to class, once he walked right out of class, and another time he just sat there looking at all the other dogs.  So, dad decided to bring incentive:  cooked chicken.  And it worked—-on every dog in the class except Mr.Bean who couldn’t concentrate because of all the attention he was getting from all the other dogs…well his chicken was getting attention.  Mayhem in the dog class.

Bean would have been wearing the dunce hat had the trainer had one, and we were a bit embarassed because all the other dogs, including Sinatra, seemed to be doing so well.  We were concerned that Bean had a mind of his own and would never do well.

Finally the trainer announced that dogs should learn the word play.  So guess who aces that class?  Yes, Mr. Bean himself.  He was so excited to play that the trainer’s  assistant had to try and calm him down.

gooey with the spread
SINATRA – what long legs
Mr. Bean


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