• Tinsel is probably the worst thing for both cats and dogs as it can wreak havock in the intestines.  If you want tinsel in the tree, put at the top.  Hopefully, the cat won’t climb the tree and topple it so the dog gets to eat his fill.
  • Chocolate.  My dogs love this stuff and I understand why because I love it too.  But it’s no good for either of us.
  • Broken balls.  Kitty has tapped the ball to the ground and now everyone is in danger of stepping on it.
  • Babies.  My German Shephard decided to protect my friend’s baby.  When she tried to tap the kid’s hand because the kid was slapping the dog, the dog growled at her.  Lesson learned there.  Keep the dog(s) in a room away from the visitors at this time of year.  My dogs love to go in the laundry room because they get a treat going in.  If they have to be in there a long time, I do visit with more treats and to take them outside for a break and some fresh air.
  • Pills.  This is the time of year when headaches abound — no not just from heavy drinking —  all that traveling takes its toll.  And many of my visitors are older and on several medications.  Just check the floor occasionally.  It seems its always the smallest pills that pack the biggest punch and the ones that tend to slide through fingers.

Happy Holidays for you and yours.

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