Traveling with Dogs.


By the time  Mr. Bean and I came on the scene, our owners had already had enough of hotels that didn’t allow dogs, so they had bought a small trailer to pull behind their vehicle and were staying at trailer parks.

Recently, we have needed to go to bigger centers and that makes it hard to find a convenient trailer park.    Luckily, it seems there are more hotels allowing dogs.  However, many have started to charge for each dog which is okay, but now some have started to allow only one dog per room. One dog per room?  So this means you have to rent a room for each additional dog?  Plus Bean and I are used to being together and one of us has a medical condition that cannot be tended to easily in a dog boarding situation.




We have noticed that some cities just seem to love dogs and others don’t. Some cities have so many rules against dogs that they make you not even want to enter the city limits with your dog.    Poop and scoop laws are quite acceptable.  It’s the banning of dogs in parks and beaches that drives us crazy.   We understand that some people are terrified of dogs, even dogs as small as Mr. Bean in size.   One city has become creative and has provided dog-free times in their parks.  This makes sense as long as they are consistent with the hours.



Our owners love to bike but really hate to 1) be chased by dogs and  2) ride through dog poop.   They also hate to see a dog run ragged beside a bike.  To avoid doing that to us on long distance rides,  they have rigged up dog carriers to attach to their bikes.  This has led many people to comment that Mr. Bean and I are spoiled.  We beg to differ.    And I never drink so I don’t know what this sign is all about.


Dogs not allowed






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