The Chow Chow

I live in northern Ontario which is known to be bear country.  Yesterday, while walking my two shelties, I saw a big black creature coming around the bend.  I knew it wasn’t a bear because they are in hibernation this time of year.  This dog was huge — and absolutely beautiful.  In addition he was one of the most calm dogs I had ever come across. The owner said that the dog was very independent and had a mind of his own.   When I encounter temperament like that I wonder if it’s training or part of the breed’s characteristic.  So I researched the Chow Chow.

black chow


The Chow Chow’s origin seems to be unknown.  Even though the dogs are seldom seen in China today, the Mongolian tribes in China did keep this breed.  The breed then appeared in England in the 1800s.


  • strong-willed
  • aloof and indifferent like a cat
  • excellent watchdog
  • wary of strangers


  • 17-21″ at the shoulder
  • 45-85 pounds
  • color varies from black to mahogany
  • mixed breeds can be white or even blue merle


  • younger Chow Chows are more pliable so training should start early
  • older dogs may be difficult to train

More about the Chow Chow

Chow Chow pictures

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